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New Kinoton DCA Audio Module for Controlling the AP-20 Sound Processor

A newly developed Kinoton DCA module lets you integrate the digitally controlled AP-20 sound processor from Datasat / DTS in your DCA system. It gives you complete control over the AP-20 and other audio components, including the DMA-8-plus from Dolby (sound formats digital 1-4 and film) and the DMI - Digital Media Interface from Kinoton (formats 1-3), with any server model and any number of DCA auditorium and control panels.

Kinoton DCA Digital Cinema Automation guarantees fast, cost-effective, comprehensive system integration while delivering maximum flexibility for accommodating new hardware or functionality at a future time. DCA Digital Cinema Automation reliably transmits data at high speed via a state-of-the-art CAN bus system. The individual cinema components are simple to connect to the Kinoton CAN bus using flexible installation modules. The DCA system is thus quick and easy to install, which saves you time and money.

Benefits of Kinoton DCA:

  • Complete integration of D-Cinema equipment and auditorium functions, including older models
  • Fast, cost-effective installation
  • In most cases, continued use of existing cables
  • Guarantee of completely automated, problem-free shows
  • Transparent, intuitive, and easy to operate
  • Easy, time-saving maintenance and servicing

You'll find more information on our Kinoton DCA modules: