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Always and from Anywhere: A Full Overview with the Kinoton Online Service "My Cinemas"

Kinoton customers with maintenance contracts can keep an eye on everything from anywhere, anytime with the Kinoton Remote Service (KRS). And thanks to the online monitoring system “My Cinemas” you’ve also always got a precise overview of the condition of your projection room equipment. All you need is an Internet-capable device with Web browser (e.g. a tablet computer) and a (free) login from Kinoton for the customer portal (request a login here!)


In the “My Cinemas” section, you have an overview of all connected and enabled auditoriums. For each projection room, all critical parameters of the most important devices are monitored. The supported equipment includes D-Cinema projectors (DCP and Barco), servers (Doremi and Dolby), audio processors, and Kinoton-TMS. Others are constantly being added, and customers can also request new ones on an individual basis. All important system states—like lamp utilization time, ambient temperature, dowser position, CPU temperature, etc. —are indicated, and color markers (green = ok, red = critical state, etc.) let you easily take in everything at a glance.


The only prerequisite for taking advantage of this online monitoring service is an active maintenance contract with Kinoton in conjunction with a Kinoton KRS box. All Kinoton maintenance and service contracts can be flexibly customized and are ideal for lastingly ensuring the operability of your film theatre. Regular system maintenance by experienced Kinoton service technicians minimizes the risk of costly failures and extends the service life of your equipment. At the same time, as a maintenance customer you enjoy special conditions and exclusive use and access rights.


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