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Kinoton has relaunched its customer portal with new KRS functionality: Kinoton Cine Perfect maximizes operational reliability and convenience!

Kinoton has completely revamped and relaunched its MyKinoton customer portal. The site has been considerably extended by adding a number of new and improved KRS functions. Kinoton’s Kinoton Cine Perfect service and support system consistently delivers the best possible support for cinema operators. The latest version of the Kinoton Remote Service software also introduces many useful new functions for maximising the reliability of everyday cinema operations.

New KRS Functions
Kinoton has collected all KRS functions in a separate section. They include online monitoring, the DCI database and, the latest new addition, KRS Notifications. This brand-new function informs you of any budding problems even before they happen (click here for more information). Cinema operators can take advantage of the enhanced KRS functionality to remotely control and monitor their systems even more easily than before. Kinoton’s service technicians can also use a secure link to maintain and troubleshoot your projector room and auditorium equipment from a distance. This capability takes you to an unprecedented level of operational reliability and convenience in the everyday business of running your cinema.

Kinoton Cine Perfect Extended
In optimising MyKinoton, Kinoton has also extended its proven, user-focused “Kinoton Cine Perfect” service and support system. Kinoton Cine Perfect was conceived and developed in order to maximise the operational reliability of the entire range of cinema equipment. In addition to professional maintenance, Kinoton Cine Perfect provides rapid assistance for dealing with any technical issues that arise in an auditorium or projector room. To enable this, Kinoton has made very systematic use of the many possibilities of state-of-the-art information and communication technology.

Improved Structure and Usability of MyKinoton
While redesigning MyKinoton, Kinoton has tangibly improved the site’s usability and clarity. It is now also user-friendlier and more intuitive to navigate. Apart from all the changes, the new MyKinoton customer portal naturally still lets you access a full library of materials to support your cinema operation. Depending on your access privileges, you can easily and conveniently download user manuals, service guides, software, technical information and much more. Direct online access to these resources is especially valuable to Kinoton’s service technicians and distrbutors around the world.

Kinoton’s customers and distributors can visit the site whenever they like. You can still use the same user name and password to enter the redesigned portal. Click here to log in.

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