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Kinoton Remote Service (KRS): Efficient and Reliable Online Maintenance from Afar

The number of cinema auditoriums connected to Kinoton’s data center for KRS is growing fast. Now totaling more than 1800 screens, they signal a clear trend and reveal the increasing popularity of Kinoton’s remote online services.

The online Kinoton Remote Service program provides numerous remote diagnostic and maintenance services for D-Cinema projectors from Kinoton, Barco, NEC, Christie and others, as well as for D-Cinema servers, audio processors, and auxiliary equipment from a wide range of manufacturers.

When problems arise, this lets Kinoton’s service partners around the world swiftly access the affected equipment, check and optimize settings, and install software updates as required.

Professional technical assistance and fast service have top priority for cinemas, both when installing new equipment and during everyday operation. Rapid support from specialists for specific systems is now more important than ever: complex systems and rising costs have made optimized maintenance costs and proactive service an absolute must. The KRS online Kinoton Remote Service, a key component of Kinoton Cine Perfect, ideally meets these needs. Secure Internet links now provide a channel for experts to help directly—without the need for time-consuming travel and setup, which adds to costs. Both cinema operators and service partners benefit:

Remote support: A service technician can quickly log on to and diagnose your equipment.
Less system downtime: Inspections can be performed remotely, and minor issues can also be speedily and efficiently resolved.
Real-time monitoring: By means of KRS, relevant information about errors, malfunctions, and failures can be quickly and directly obtained by PC-based monitoring, a smartphone app, or e-mail notifications.
Software updates: Firmware and software updates can be quickly transferred and installed.
Data security: Systems are accessed via VPN according to strict DCI-compliant security standards. External access requires a dongle and can only be performed by a customer’s service partners. All sessions are recorded in log files.

More information on the Kinoton Remote Service (KRS) is available here: