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Now available for iOS and Android!

A Giant Step Forward for D-Cinema: iPad App for Kinoton TMS 2.0!

Exclusively for all cinema operators who have the current Kinoton TMS Version 2.0, Kinoton is about to release a free TMS app for the Apple iPad. It will make it even easier and more straightforward to control cinema systems.


Thanks to the integrated DCP generator, you can use the current Kinoton TMS 2.0 to quickly and simply put your own content on screen. You can even use it to control your lobby entertainment: it includes interfaces to all of a cinema complex’s systems. The only prerequisite for taking advantage of the new Kinoton TMS app is an upgrade to the current Kinoton TMS Version 2.0.


Benefits of the Kinoton TMS at a Glance:

  • Easy, cost-effective management of all cinema operations
  • Intuitive user interface for all functions
  • Integrated DCP generator for creating and projecting your own content
  • Expandable to serve as a lobby entertainment platform
  • Control and monitoring of all auditorium automation equipment
  • Suits any theatre, from single-screen cinemas to large multiplexes
  • Failsafe disk storage that can be extended almost without limit
  • iPad app for convenient (remote) control
  • Already being successfully used in more than 1,000 installations

The Kinoton TMS app opens up new vistas for theatre operators: all they need is an iPad to conveniently and easily monitor and control the workflow of an entire cinema complex.
The Kinoton TMS app supports the TMS functions that are most important for everyday cinema operation: in addition to enabling central (remote) control and monitoring of all auditoriums, it also lets you manage KDMs via your iPad’s touchscreen. The Kinoton TMS app also features a neat user interface for very easy, intuitive operation.


The Kinoton TMS app can be obtained via the Apple App Store. We’ll naturally be keeping you informed!